Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to the Family

For some reason we decided that we needed one more baby to take care this is Gus, and he is absolutely the sweetest puppy ever. We desperately miss our Daisy, so naturally we wanted another beagle. We have been searching for a few weeks now and I ran across a website for a lady in Bowie. It was quite a drive, but more than worth it. She had about 25 beagles, so it was rather hard to choose. I picked my 3 favorites and then Jack ultimately decided on Gus. And did he ever make the perfect choice...turns out that little Gus' mommy's name is Daisy!!!
Augustus "Gus" Hasten (...yes, Jack likes Lonesome Dove!)
He LOVES the bird!
Best Friends! Poor Gus gets carried around everywhere Jack goes!

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The Moellenkamp's said...

Em! Gus is sooo cute! Him and Bruiser need to meet!